Is it safe?

The techniques are non-invasive and gentle.  It is completely safe and there are no negative side-effects.


What I should expect from my first treatment? 

After filling a short questionnaire concerning your health and lifestyle, you then lie fully clothed on the couch and a series of muscle tests will be performed on your arms and legs. These painless tests help to identify problems areas by assessing neurological function and the energy balance of the muscles and their related organs.

A first treatment offers you a fascinating insight into your body and can be very relaxing whilst immediately offering great results.


How long does it take?

An initial consultation takes 1.5 hours to ensure a through background discussion, demonstration of the techniques, full body assessment and treatment. We will then discuss the results, help you learn about your own body, and then talk about what can help you, considering any nutritional supplements that might be required.


What 'corrections' are used to balance you during a kinesiology treatment?

Professional Kinesiology Practitioners are trained in and use many different techniques, or "corrections".  These corrections can include nutritional supplements, brain integration exercises, stimulation of neurovascular and neurolymphatic points, improving diet, emotional intelligence,  gemstones, flower essences, colour,  and much more.  In addition, and quite importantly, we consider stressful emotions relating to the problem, and we look at diet and lifestyle and any other changes a person may need to make.


Do I have to wear anything specific ?

As we will use your arms and legs for muscle testing, it is advisable to wear shorts, leggings or trousers, however it's more important for you to wear anything you feel comfortable and relaxed in.


Will I be told I have to cut out all my favourite foods?

As a kinesiologist, I will demonstrate the energetical effect the food has on your body.

By muscle testing the body, we identify what strengthens and weakens muscles.

However it is your choice whether you choose to act on this advice. I will be there to support you through any changes.  It's important to note that even small changes can create dramatic improvements.


What should I bring?

Regular medication or supplements you may be taking plus any suspicious foods you want to be tested against. I have a food testing kit so we can discuss in advance of your visit if you need to bring any additional items.


Is it suitable for children?

The simple answer is yes!  Children often respond even better than adults; they are often ‘easier’ to test as they have no preconceptions.  I can work on any common issues such as concentration and attention problems,  exam stress and confidence levels, digestive concerns, childhood eczema, dyspraxia symptoms, and many more. Please contact me for further information.


Can kinesiology be used with animals and babies?

In situations where it is not possible to use muscle-testing directly (as in the case of a baby, animal or very frail person), I use a surrogate. While maintaining contact with the person or animal, the surrogate will be muscle-tested to find out what is going on and what needs to be done. The corrections are then made to the person or animal.


How many appointments will I need?

It varies enormously depending on the person and what the problem is. I recommend two or three treatments to deal with a particular issue but you may like to have further balances for other stressful aspects of your life. 

It's also possible to have a one-off balance, for instance when testing for supplements or allergies.

As little as one treatment could help you gain insights, to see for your self what thinking patterns and behaviours could be holding you back from living a happier and healthier life.